The Case for SEO over Socially Optimized Content

This week, New York Magazine rejoiced as SEO has come back in a big way. This mainly due to the fact that Facebook is making significant changes to its newsfeed, which will certainly reduce the amount of traffic sent to publishers. For several years, Facebook was the number one source for traffic. Google was and is number two. However, if Facebook is taking a step back and instead refocusing on giving users the most relevant newsfeed for them, publishers will likely need to create content that search engines like.

New York Magazine says that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it could help publishers create better content. It argues that socially optimized content works great for generating more clicks on social media, but these types of articles tend to be poorly written. They over exaggerate certain works to create an emotional effect that will cause someone to click and share. They tend to be more fluff pieces than anything else.

Content that is optimized for search engines, on the other hand, tends to go the other direction. It has more general facts to appeal to users who may have specific questions about the news. While the content may be a little more boring, SEO forces content writers to report the facts and provide readers with content of substance. In the end, this type of writing is more focused, transparent, and honest.

So, if SEO is back, publishers of all kinds will need to relearn what works and what doesn’t. They may even need to hire a digital marketing firm to help them out. Solace Holdings in Nevada, for example, specializes in various SEO services to help clients create the best possible content that is SEO-optimized. Solace Holdings in Nevada was founded in 2016 in Reno, Nevada by Carston Gardner and Sharon Judge, two experts in digital marketing.

While social media is not a dead end for publishers by any means, they should focus on getting the best possible return on their investment and getting the most eyes on their content. Currently, this may mean hiring a SEO company like Solace Holdings in Nevada.


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